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BBQ & Cooking Wood

Premium Cooking, Smoking, BBQ Firewood

Cooking over a select wood fire provides unmatched flavor to all foods.

Adding smoke in the last half of the cook time will increase flavor as well as adding a rich color.

Choose from the following wood species for the perfect open cooking or smoking fire every time.

  • Wood varieties that will add a mild or sweet flavor are apple, cherry or plum.
  • Woods that give medium smoke flavor are oak, maple, pecan and hickory.
    • These go very well with pork, also are strong enough to be good with beef and wild game.
    • The oak and hickory will add a rich color as well.
  • Try different combinations for a sweet/smokey flavor like apple with hickory.
  • The strongest flavors come from mesquite and walnut.
    • Best to use these in moderation and with other flavors, like you would use a chile pepper.
  • Be careful to limit the time your food is on with this smoke as it can easily overpower the taste of the meat.